Put Some Art in Your Day

A piece of art can go a long way toward making a house feel like a home. The art you choose can speak to your personality and tastes, while adding a fresh element to your décor. Whether you’re an art aficionado or this is your first time choosing a painting, you can’t go wrong when you go with art from Watercolor Notes.

Watercolor Notes is a family-owned and -operated painting company. Striving to add a touch of art to homes and office buildings, Watercolor Notes also makes great gifts for your family and friends.

We recreate our paintings on items you can share with others or keep for yourself, including:

Cards | Prints | Mugs | Coasters | Tiles


A Family Legacy

Watercolor Notes is based on the artwork of Emilia Ackerman and Phyllis Bos. After Phyllis passed away in 2009, Emilia took over the family business, creating one-of-a-kind watercolor creations. Drawing inspiration from scenic landscapes, florals, and travel destinations, Watercolor Notes has a special affinity for Michigan attractions.

We love Michigan!

Many of our paintings feature Michigan attractions and landmarks. That’s because our artists were born and raised in Michigan and love to showcase the state’s beauty. Our artists have also traveled the world, so you can purchase prints that highlight locations in Italy, Israel and Morocco. Call us today to browse our art collection and find the piece that speaks to you.

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